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23/11/2016 - כב חשון התשעז

Ateret Nehemiah Yeshiva

23/11/2016 - כב חשון התשעז

VeChai Bahem

23/11/2016 - כב חשון התשעז

Preschool daycare: The daycare center, which is open to the entire Tel Aviv population, was founded in 2001, based on the concept and understanding that a positive dynamic between local religious and non-religious residents could become a reality through common educational settings. The daycare center has an enrollment of some 85 children, at least half of whom come from non-religious families. The center provides a loving environment, fostering relationships between the children and their parents, and is a model for a common society based on the values ​​of the Jewish tradition

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23/11/2016 - כב חשון התשעז

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